The most efficient way of waterjet cutting

Cutting faster, thicker and with higher precision

The solution for your challenges

Where other cutting techniques reach their limits, ConSus provides the decisive upgrade for your production. Precise, reliable and economical for the most demanding tasks.

  • High-strength material
  • Brittle material
  • Thick material such as steel and stainless steel up to 500 mm
  • Composite materials such as CFRP, without delamination
  • Sandwich and hollow structures

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Waterjet cutting with ConSus® combines productivity and cutting quality

Waterjet cutting is becoming more and more important comparing to other cutting techniques. The Water Abrasive Injection System (WAIS) currently common in the industry, however, is increasingly reaching its limits. Contrary to this, the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) system enables three times higher performance and better quality at significantly lower pressures.

ConSus enables permanent water jet cutting in the suspension process – innovative and globally patented. Especially with increased cutting depths and the processing of high-strength materials, there are technological and economic advantages compared to the conventional water abrasive injection system.

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Benefit from ConSus advantages over the water abrasive injection system

  • Only 1500 bar
  • up to 3 times faster
  • 70 % energy savings
  • 70 % less noise
  • 50 % less particle emissions
  • 50 % CO2 savings
  • 50 % cost savings

Convincing Results

With ConSus you achieve excellent cutting quality in a wide variety of materials and in challenging tasks.

Our sample cuts speak for themselves:

Functionality of the Suspension Jet and ConSus

At less than half the pressure, the ANT suspension jet cuts twice to three times faster than conventional waterjet cutting methods. Since the abrasive particles in WAS systems are bound directly in the water without air, the suspension jet is much more stable, precise and powerful than the injection jet.

The abrasive mixing unit ConSus enables the continuous supply of the abrasive and an uninterrupted cutting process via a worldwide patented sluice system.

System Solution

ConSus as upgrade for your existing equipment or a new complete system

A WAS cutting system consists of ConSus, a cutting device and a pump. Optionally, an abrasive recycling unit (ARU) and a water treatment system can be integrated.

ConSus as upgrade for your existing system or a new complete system – the choice is yours!

ConSus with cutting table

ConSus with robot or other special manipulator

Enhanced Cutting Performance with ConSus

The following examples and tools will show you the cutting performance of the ConSus Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) process, including a comparison with the conventional Water Abrasive Injection (WAIS) system.

Cutting Performance with ConSus: Example Mild Steel

Cutting performance of the water abrasive suspension (WAS) method with ConSus for cuts of different quality in air using mild steel as an example:


Cutting performance ConSus


Suspension vs. Injection: The ConSus Performance Factor

Cutting speed and performance factor of the water abrasive suspension (WAS) with ConSus compared with the water abrasive injection (WAIS) system using the example of mild steel cut in air in medium quality Q3:


Suspension vs. Injection: Waterjet Calculator

ConSus Calc a Cut - Waterjet Calculator

ConSus Calc a Cut makes it easy to compare cutting performance, costs and yield.

As a progressive web app, the comparison calculator can be used in a browser or as installed app on an Android or iOS smartphone.

ConSus vs. Injection: The Cutting Race

The ConSus performance factor shown in a direct competition:

200 mm race track through 100 mm Aluminium with same hydraulic power and same quality

More powerful, lower-emission and more cost-effective cutting

A study by the Fraunhofer IPT on the emission, cost and performance comparison "ConSus 1500" with the injector process shows the decisive advantages of the water abrasive suspension process with ConSus:

  • Reduced noise and particle emissions during waterjet cutting thanks to the two-phase suspension jet of water and abrasive without air.
  • WAS systems show a considerably higher removal rate, which outweighs the initially higher operation costs (per h) by far
  • Especially with increased cutting depths and the processing of high-strength materials, there are technological and economic advantages.
  • Protection of abrasive ensures more economical cutting and high recyclability of 80 % and more

More information on productivity, cut quality and sustainability of ConSus and details on the results of the investigation of the Fraunhofer IPT can be found in our whitepaper.

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Sustainability and Climate Protection

For a 1000 mm long cut (Q3) through a 20 mm thick mild steel plate (S235JR), ConSus can reduce CO2 emissions by over 50% compared to the conventional water abrasive injection (WAIS) process.

The calculation includes emissions from the production of the required cutting materials and the power consumption of the machine. For the production of the required cutting materials, only the emissions related to the extraction and processing of raw materials are considered, but not the origin of the raw materials.

ARU, the Abrasive Recycling Unit

Sustainable production and efficiency are not mutually exclusive. The centralised or decentralised processing of 80 % and more of the abrasive with the Abrasive Recycling Unit ARU developed by ANT significantly reduces consumption costs.
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Technical Details

Download ConSus data sheet

Working Parameters and Dimensions
Working pressure: 1.500 bar (working range: 500 - 1.500 bar)
Nozzle size: 0,55 - 0,65 mm
Water flow:
5 - 10 l/min
Ø hydraulic power at nozzle: 21 kW
Abrasive: Garnet mesh 80
Abrasive concentration: Basic setting 800 g/min
(adjustable from 300 to 1.000 g/min)
Hopper: Integrated
Pressure vessel: 2,4 l / 2.5 kg abrasive
High pressure valves: pneumaticsch and servo electric
Weight: 715 kg empty
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.050 mm x 950 mm x 2.350 mm


Control Unit
Control Unit: Siemens S7
User Interface: Touchpanel


High pressure water inlet: M20 x 1.5, 3/8‘‘-24 UNF LH
High pressure suspension outlet: M20 x 1.5, 3/8‘‘-24 UNF LH
Abrasive supply: Anti-static low pressure hose Ø 15 mm innen
Clear water / waste water: Low pressure hose Ø 11 mm inside
Communication with HP pump & cutting table:
Network cable, 3 x M12 5 pole socket
Air supply: 6 bar oilfree
Electric supply: 400 V / 16 A CEE socket


Our Company

ConSus - ANT Stationary Cutting Solutions GmbH is a member of the ANT group and is specialised in cutting solutions for new challenges in industrial manufacturing.

Based on more than 20 years of experience of ANT AG, the technology leader in Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting technology in mobile application areas, ConSus enables the use of the advantages of the WAS technique in stationary use.

Our experienced team provides you a comprehensive solution for your challenges:

Martin Röper (Sales Manager)
Phone: +49 (0)151 500 462 69, email:

Jennifer-Eileen Topke (Sales Assistant)
Phone: +49 (0)451 583 80 64, email:

Jan Fernolendt (Dipl.-Ing. (FH), M.Sc. / Project Engineer R&D)
Phone: +49 (0)451 583 80 75, email:


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